Chris the photographer (Jack's son)

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photo taken in tuscany
I'm based in Thrapston, Northamptonshire, where I live with my wife Carol, my cameras, a couple of bikes (three actually) and some scuba diving gear that's gathering dust.

I've had a Nikon D300 since 2008, and still can't see a worthy upgrade (with an APC sensor), but recently, December 2012, got a Fuji X-Pro. Is it lovely? Oh yes indeed. I can see a long term relationship with this one, unlike the Canon 5DII which I don't miss at all.
I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, but the Fuji isn't a back-up camera like its predecessor the D60, its actually a whole different concept. I expect to be now choosing between the Fuji X-Pro and the Nikon D300, depending on what I'm trying to achieve; the Fuji is definitely not a second choice.

Favorite software is without doubt Nik's Complete Collection, but main editor is CS4.

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