The Photographs

Article text
A very serious lunchbreak on top of the Paps of Jura.
Do I use Photoshop?
Of course I use it; just the same as the chemist used to have a bucket of dark-room chemicals that affected the outcome of whichever type of film I used to buy..... and then the paper it was printed on.... Even the camera has software that affects the photo. This is normal for all digital cameras and photo processing. Get over it!
Do I use "imported skies"?
Definitely not. The photos you see are all representations of what was actually in front of me at the time.
Can I "see" in black & white?
Unfortunately not; my monochromes are the result of processing inspiration.
"Intentional Camera Movement".... moving the camera deliberately during a slow shutter speed. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm a fan myself. I love the dreamy abstracts that can be created like this.
Camera settings?
Usually manual or speed priority or aperture priority, depending on the shot. I've got no idea on how to use cameras with extra buttons for fireworks, pets, sports etc. I suppose its obvious?