North to Alaska?

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We're currently packing our trunks and saying goodbye to the circus...... there's a song in there somewhere?
Hopefully, spring 2015 should see us re-locating to north-west Scotland.
It's only 600 miles away!
Sounds a bit radical, but we've already seen dolphins and otters from the lounge window.
Curious? Check out a website called and you might be surprised.
This photo was taken 2 miles from our new place.

Also, I'm doing a bit of a re-build on the website, to reflect the new direction (north!) that we're taking in the spring. I guess it'll take a while, so please bear with me. Eventually, you'll see "old favourites" in archive galleries, with the new stuff at the front. The portfolio will change over the next period whilst I take advantage of new opportunities!
The other thing happening is that I'm combining material from the other website, "people" pictures, probably with a view to closing it down. It previously suited me to keep these genres separate, as some punters think that you can only do one thing! Of course they may be right?