A year later.

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Paddling at Clashnessie!
The first 6 months up here in Sutherland were apparently the coldest, darkest, "miserablest" on record. I took very few pictures. Then winter happened, and everything improved. For me, at least. There's been so much going on around the world, and in the UK, all I see is turbulence and uncertainty. However, we had an amazing time in May and June; almost 6 weeks of non-stop sunshine!
Finally got an upgrade for the Nikon D300! I was expecting to swap to the D500, its proper successor, but took a chance on an offer on a D750 instead. This meant changing all my lenses to accomodate the larger sensor too. Seems like a good decision now; the camera is brilliant, and the reviews for the D500 are varying between "mixed" and "disappointment". The Fuji X-pro is still a regular choice, though, as its smaller and lighter, and takes lovely shots. The X-pro does fail for people/ moving subjects, as its way too slow at processing, and the high ISO capability can't get anywhere near the D750. But for regular stuff, still very worthy.
I now have photos for sale on the wall at the Kylesku Hotel; a fantastic location for me, and highly recommended for a visit, even if you don't want to look at my pictures! (See links page).