More Calculations.

About 10 months ago, I’m thinking that I’d like a photo of the Wailing Widow falls with the sun low in the sky and directly behind it, above Glas Bheinn. It was always going to be a challenge with the extremes of light in the frame, let alone getting the sun in the right place and actually shining!Yesterday I checked sunrise and sunset for times and angles (on t’internet) and worked out that at about 945am today, the sun should be at a compass bearing of 160 degrees. Perfect. What could possibly go wrong?We got there early; Carol drove off into the sunrise to do a painting; I walked over the almost frozen bog to my viewpoint. I instantly found that the filters I was going to use were far too scratched and would just give me starbursts, so decided to take 2 shots, one for the top and one for the bottom of the frame. Still got extremes of light to balance….Compass out, the sun was about 15 degrees north of where I needed it; about an hour to wait I reckoned.

I wandered off towards the opposite view west to Quinag and got a couple of photos whilst I was waiting.

And at 945am the sun was precisely where I wanted, above Glas Bheinn, and at 160 degrees! I actually got it right!

So I climbed down the bank, crossed the busy main road (!!!) heading across to the Unapool Burn, and got this one, just behind the roadsign for a “sharp bend”.

Then over at the burn…. a perfect reflection:

Just before I got to Carol and my flask of coffee, I reached another of my regular spots:

All of this in about two hours, and within about a mile. It certainly floats my boat!

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